February 25, 2021

Highlife music legend Pa Chris Ajilo dies at 92

Chris Ajilo highlife music legend

Pa Chris Ajilo


Legendary highlife artiste, Pa Chris Ajilo, famous for his classic, Eko Gba Gbere has died at the age of 92.

Pa Ajilo, a former General Manager of the defunct Performing Musical Rights Society (PMRS), a Nigerian copyright society, according to his caregiver, David Ekanem, had a bout of malaria shortly before his death.

He reportedly died in a hospital at Ilesha, Osun State, on Saturday morning.

Ekanem said, “He had malaria last week, so, we gave him medication. The malaria persisted, and as there was no improvement after three days, we rushed him to a hospital at Ilesha, but there was no bed space.

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“I took him to two hospitals at Ile-Ife as well, but there were no bed spaces there; so, I had to take him back home. A doctor was attending to him at home. Yesterday (Friday), I noticed that there was no improvement, so, I had to rush him to another hospital at Ilesha. I was there with him since yesterday, but he died today at 10:30 am.

“He died of malaria; the doctor even carried out a COVID-19 test on him but he tested negative.”

Ajilo, a prominent member of the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) was known for his classic songs, Eko Gba Gbere, Ariwo and Emi Mimo. He was the last of a generation of highlife veterans like Victor Olaiya, Bobby Benson and others that formed the Nigerian Union of Musicians, the first guild for musicians.

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