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You cannot survive confrontation with God – Okotie warns



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Erudite teacher of the Bible and Pastor of the Household of God Church, Rev Chris Okotie, has warned of the danger in the continued closure of the Church and forcing believers to worship in their homes.

Okotie, in a video (see video below), ‘The COVID-19 Mystery’, posted on YouTube Sunday morning, said leaders put themselves at risk when they deny God the pleasure of the gathering together of the saints. He made reference to the stories of Nebuchadnezzar, Pharaoh, Pilate and Herod in the Bible to buttress his point.

According to Pastor Okotie, “when believers come together, we form or build a spiritual temple that God inhabits, that is why Church is of necessity. You cannot have an online Church because believers gather together only at a specific location.”

He said when believers are compelled to forsake the assembling of themselves together, which is contrary to Biblical injunction, God is denied whom He truly is.

“Unto Him shall the gathering of His people be… You must understand the seriousness of the gathering of the saints. It is one of the most serious things you can ever do, to God. That is why every king, every potentate in the Old Testament or even at our present-day experience, that comes against the worship of God, as enunciated in the scriptures, has met God in a place of confrontation and they never survived it,” Okotie explained.

Okotie, who had earlier warned about attempt by Nigerian government to alter the mode of Christian worship with all the restrictions associated to the COVID-19 guidelines for reopening of Churches, brought a fresh perspective to explain the mystery of the coronavirus disease.

“People have asked me, are we dealing with the number 666, is this about the Antichrist? My answer is, no. We’re dealing with another number; it’s the precursor, the preamble to the number 666; the number 10,” Okotie began.

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He called out Microsoft founder and one of the world’s richest persons, Bill Gates, as the “protagonist” of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Launching into the deep, Okotie explained: “This year was particularly chosen by Satan as the year that he will challenge the power of the Almighty God, the authority of the Almighty God, upon the face of the earth, in preparation for the coming of the Antichrist.

“Now, how is he going to do it? First, he has to get a man who has the pattern and that man is Bill Gates and then there will be a conspiracy to bring a pandemic, sickness, a disease, whatever it is.

“Why is that important? Because the curse of the law which involved sickness and disease was dealt with when Jesus went to the cross and the sacrifice was accepted.

“So, if the earth is going to experience a challenge coming from the god of this world, then it must refer to what God has already dealt with spiritually. So, he brings a disease and names it COVID-19 and attaches the number 10 to it and the protagonist of this will be Bill Gates, whose number is 10.

“Now, what would they do? They will create panic, fear in the whole world, because that’s the only way that the enemy can control man, the way that God controls man through faith.

“For you to understand why he (Bill Gates) was chosen, you need to understand what the Bible calls patterns. When you read the scriptures, you will come across patterns, what we call types and shadows… The patterns control the flow of power.”


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