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UAE places global ban on Nigerian travellers



UAE places global ban on Nigerian travellers


United Arab Emirates (UAE), in apparent bid to break the resolve of Nigerian government, has directed international airline operators not to board passengers travelling with Nigerian passports and heading to the UAE, especially Dubai.

Consequently, international carriers have begun rejecting Nigerians heading to Dubai from Nigeria and other countries, in fulfilment of the directive.

Although this is not unconnected with the diplomatic impasse between Nigeria and UAE, authorities in UAE however hinged their decision on the excuse that more Nigerians were testing positive to COVID-19.

RELIABLESOURCENG.COM gathered that Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Air and others, which airlift Nigerians via their operational hubs to Dubai had to de-board their Nigerian passengers whose final destination was the UAE.

The airlines, we learnt, insisted that they had been directed not to airlift Nigerian passport holders to Dubai.

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“UAE says no entry for Nigerian passengers from any airline. Ethiopian just offloaded all passengers heading to Dubai. We are voiding Dubai bound tickets,” a source at Abuja airport told the media.

The source added: “They said Nigerians are testing positive to COVID-19; that is why some airlines are not carrying them. It is just like they did the last time.”

A directive from one of the airlines stated, “Due to an increasing number of COVID-19 positive passengers at destination, it is decided to suspend accepting passengers to UAE from Nigeria, Congo DRC (FIH) only. This is effective today, 13th December, 2021.”

The Nigerian government last Thursday reduced Emirates 21 weekly flights, leaving the airline with only one flight to Abuja, in response to UAE allocating only one flight a week to Air Peace, a Nigerian carrier.

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