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People still believe a woman has to stay home, be the wife, mother

Don’t get me wrong. Those are great morals to keep. But I think the modern African woman, the modern black woman is being limited.





Nigeria’s pop diva Tiwa Savage says the African woman is being limited by such stereotypical belief that the place of the woman is in the kitchen, even though she has the capacity to do much more.

“A lot of people in Africa still have the idea that a woman has to be submissive, stay at home and be the wife and mother,” the award-winning songstress snapped in a recent interview with the American Billboard magazine.

“Don’t get me wrong. Those are great morals to keep. But I think the modern African woman, the modern black woman is being limited.

“We can do both. You can have a successful full-time job; you can be strong and vulnerable at the same time. That’s the message I’m trying to put across.

“So, when you see my videos or see me on the red carpet, don’t think I’m not at home cooking for my son or helping him with homework when I’m not doing shows,” she said assuredly while responding to question on challenges she faced as a female artist.

Tiwa, Davido, Eazi

The 40-year-old singer-actress regretted that African artists on international labels are not placed on the same playlists as their western counterparts, notwithstanding their huge popularity and following.

She said: “I still act like an independent artist even though I’m signed to a major label. I think all of us (signed to a major) do. I think labels still don’t quite understand how to sell Afrobeats (African music). And they haven’t really put their machinery behind the genre yet.

“A lot of times when we drop a record, it’s put on playlists like (Spotify’s) African Heat.

“We already come with huge followings. I look forward to when we’ll be on the same playlists as Billie Eilish or Justin Bieber. Give us that kind of global campaign – treat Afrobeats like a pop record and not a tastemaker record or something that cool urban kids in the diaspora listen to.

“How often do you see an American artist get signed and he or she already has 5 million followers on their own? Even 1 million? And you don’t want to give them the same push as Bieber?

“If (African artists) even had 25% of that push, Davido and Eazi would be billionaires. That’s the vision I want for Afrobeats.

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Savage said international labels had not even started to scratch the surface in their promotion of African artists adding that the little headway being made was a result of serious hard work by independent artists.

“They haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. But when they do, it’s going to explode. What we’re enjoying now is the blood, sweat and tears that we’ve been putting up as individual artists,” she said in the interview which also featured afropop stars Davido and Mr. Eazi.

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