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Customer Passion Point, five years of creating value for businesses





For one of Nigeria’s foremost value creation and capacity building firms, Customer Passion Point Limited (CPPL), nothing, not even the palpable harsh economic and socio-political realities that pervade the atmosphere in Nigeria can stop it from celebrating.

And having survived all of five years in an environment full of uncertainties, CPPL believes it will not be out of place to do some chest-thumping.

Led by a thorough bred professional, in the person of Mr Ikechukwu Kalu, an alumni member of notable blue chips like, Guinness Nigeria, MTN, Airtel, Zantel Tanzania, First City Monument Bank (FCMB) and Ecobank Nigeria, CPPL says better days still lie ahead.

In a tone filled with excitement and confidence, Kalu announced that “CPPL has so far trained more than 2000 young professionals and business owners” via its open programmes as well as the bespoke solutions created for clients.

He reiterated CPPL’s promise “to continue to offer the best in capacity building solutions that support organisational workforce performance needs.”

The success so far achieved has not come without some moments of trepidation, but with hard work, dedication and clear focus on its mission and vision, the workforce has been able to navigate the tough waters.

Kalu leading a training

“Our five-year journey has been quite challenging and interesting, considering the dynamics of the Nigerian business environment,” Kalu explained.

“However, our commitment to live up to our vision, mission and values of creating cutting-edge solutions has kept us on our toes and enabling us to develop customised solutions or programmes to meet specific client needs at affordable cost.

“Like we have done in the last five years, we commit ourselves to continue to assist businesses to respond quickly, effectively and innovatively to their customers’ demands, with bespoke offerings that would enhance their experience in a consistent and sustainable manner in the years ahead,” he assured.

Kalu, also a faculty member of the School of Media and Communication, PAN Atlantic University, Lagos, is excited about the giant strides recorded by CPPL in its five years of operation. He particularly touched on the firm’s training programme, saying that CPPL has been able to uphold its strategic priorities of helping individuals and organisations to build capacity to excel.

“Our classes are very exciting and participatory thus enabling participants to share and grow knowledge, not just from what we teach in class but by the combined shared experiences.

“Our major objective is to ensure that participants are able to go back to work with practical solutions they can immediately apply to their jobs or businesses.

“We focus on the development of the individual and teams through a range of strategic activities that aim to achieve current business goals, meet future challenges and build capacity for growth,” he enumerated.

As the curtains are gradually drawn on the year, Kalu informs enthusiastically that CPPL will be holding its last open class program for 2019 on November 29, in Victoria Island, Lagos. The training will focus on Digital Marketing Skills along with Selling Skills, Customer Service/Management Skills and Self Master/Personal Effectiveness for excelling in the workplace.

“We believe that these skills are critical to enabling businesses effectively position their products and services in a manner that ensures uptake, adoption and continued patronage and loyalty from their target audience. It is a combination of these skills that guarantee success,” he said.

The training is targeted at business owners, entrepreneurs, business development professionals, marketing/sales/customer service professionals, account managers and client service officers.


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